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Proper care for your wooden floor

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The unique beauty offered by wooden floors can seldom be replicated by artificial flooring. The challenge you are likely to face is maintaining the great look to your wooden floor. Central to this are practices that will minimize the strain on your floor. To keep the floor pristine, it is important to know the types of damage your floor is susceptible to.

Scratches and dents

They will appear on the floor at some point. They are an eyesore and eat away the surface of your floor. The best you can do is minimize them. The most common cause of scratches is dirt, small stones lodged in shoes and furniture. It helps to regularly clean your floor to remove any particle that can cause a scratch. Having floor mats or foot brushes near an entrance will help remove most abrasive material from the soles of the shoes. If you can implement it, forbid shoes, especially high heels in the house.

Consider protective measures on corridors and decks as they bear a lot of traffic. Furniture causes scratches and dents when pushed on the floor. Always lift a piece of furniture when moving it. If you have furniture made of metal, have rubber pads put on the parts that come in contact with the floor. For wooden furniture, use felt pads or nylon skids on the parts that touch the floor.

Moisture and fluids

Dampness and wetness is a sure way of decreasing the durability of wood as it makes it susceptible to mold, expanding, and decay. It also causes stains. Moisture and fluids can come from cleaning, leaky plumbing or other accidents. Never use a wet mop on your floor; a damp mop that will leave minimal traces of moisture is ideal. The plumbing should be in good condition, lest a leak occurs and causes water or liquids to come in contact with your floor. In the case of a massive spill for any reason, it is better to call an expert who is well versed in wooden floor repairs to advise you on the best course of action.

Direct sunlight

Sunlight can change the color of the exposed part of the floor. Having blinds or windows that do not let in ultra violet rays will prevent this.

From time to time, you will need to call in professionals to repair your wooden floor and replace some planks.It is best for the repairs to be done as soon as the damage is detected.