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How to Choose the Right Upholstery for Your Office

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Image matters a lot in business.You want to provide a positive experience for your customers and employees every step of the way. It goes without saying that you also want to spend your day in nice surroundings. To pick the best option of commercial upholstery it is important to understand your needs and the market. Here are important factors to note.


Suppose you are choosing the right upholstery for seats at your reception, you know the amount of traffic that will use the seats. This makes you consider fabrics or materials that can bear heavy traffic. In such a case you would be a bit averse to choosing silk because, for all its amazing qualities, it will have to be replaced sooner. You would probably go for combination or engineered fabrics which are stronger.


If the upholstery will be exposed to sunlight, you might want to choose a color that will hide the fading or rather fade gracefully. If the upholstery is not going to be exposed to sunlight, your considerations about color will not be as restricted.


You want upholstery that is part of the decor rather than in spite of the décor. The patterns, as well as colors you choose, are all dictated by the theme and colors of your premises.


You could choose upholstery that needs replacing each year for your furniture or choose upholstery that lasts ten years. If you want to redecorate every year, you needn't choose fabrics that will last five years. Conversely, if you want to forget about buying new upholstery for the next several years, get fabrics or materials that are long lasting.


The nature of your business plays a big role in the type of fabric you will choose for your furniture upholstery. If you run a clinic, you might want to consider vinyl or leather because your seats are probably going to get stains at some point depending on your patients.


If your upholstery will be branded, consider woven fabrics as these can keep patterns and branding for longer. If you print your branding on your seats, it won't last long.


This is always a key consideration, choose upholstery that retains its beauty or luster for long, is durable, easy to maintain and fits into your budget.

Other Considerations

Other considerations that can guide you are the ability or inability of the fabric to absorb odors and dust. It is important to note that upholstery always requires cleaning, different upholstery options have different cleaning methods.