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3 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Next Roof Repainting Project

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To keep your roof in a pristine condition, you may have to repaint it after every few years. If you like taking on most of the maintenance projects in your home, roof painting is something you will able to accomplish on your own. Repainting your roof also gives you a chance to address potential roof problems such as leaks. However, it is crucial to understand a few things that would make the project a success. This is because some homeowners, especially novices, take on such projects without the proper knowledge on what it entails. To help you get the most out of the project, here are some key things you need to know first.

You Need to Clean First

Cleaning the roof before you start painting should be your first step regardless of the type of roof you have. Painting on a dirty roof will definitely not give you the results you expected. A high pressure water cleaner is the easiest and usually most effective way to clean your roof. In fact, for rough roof surfaces, this would be the best way to clean because the high-pressured water will help get rid of as much dirt as possible from the pores. If your roof has a relatively smooth surface, such as most galvanised iron roofs, a high pressure washer may not be necessary. A simple hose down after sweeping with a broom should do the trick. If some of the paint is flaking, you can scrub it off with a wire brush before washing it down with your hose or pressure washer. Once your roof is clean, you need to allow it enough time to dry before you move on.

Use the Correct Type of Paint

The next step is finding the correct type of paint for the job. For cement-tiled roofs, water-based paints are usually the better option while their oil-based counterparts would be the most ideal for metal roofs. If your roof is rusted, you should also consider oil-based paints. They are better suited to prevent rusting. While water-based paints may still work on your rusted metal roofs, they usually fail to hold off the rust for long, which means you may have to repaint the roof again sooner than you thought.

Keep Weather Forecast in Mind

The prevailing weather conditions are significant because they affect the effectiveness of the project and have an impact on the choice of painting tools you use. For instance, you wouldn't want to use a spray gun if it's going to be windy for the simple reason that some of it will be carried away. Make sure it won't be raining any time soon. If it's going to be extremely hot, start painting in the early mornings so that your roof dries by sunset and that you don't get too dehydrated from the midday sun.