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Why Basement Waterproofing Is Essential For Every Home

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Although acquiring or constructing your home can be a herculean task, it should be noted that the maintenance of the structure could be a much bigger challenge. Whether you live in a mansion or a modest home, you need to ensure that everything is working in order if you are to keep enjoying the comfort of the roof over your head is providing you with. Nevertheless, one of the areas that are often ignored by homeowners is the basement. The basement is particularly overlooked in homes where it does not serve a specific purpose. Thus, it ends up staying out of sight and out of mind too. However, if your basement is compromised, it will only be a matter of time before you start to notice problems on other parts of your home. Here are some of the reasons why basement waterproofing is essential for every home.

Basement waterproofing guards against structural damage

If there is moist soil lying beneath your foundation, there is a chance that water will seep up the walls of your basement and begin to pool on the floor. When this process begins to occur, you will find that the edges and joints on the floor will be the first parts of your structure to show signs of damage. A mistake some people make is to ignore this high moisture content assuming that it will dry off on its own. The truth is if left unchecked, the high moisture in the basement will gradually start to affect your foundation, and this will have an adverse effect on your entire structure. It is crucial to hire waterproofing contractors to ensure that the water damage is fixed.

Basement waterproofing guards against property damage

Another concern that you should have when it comes to water ingress in the basement is the risk to property damage. Whether you have items in your basement or not, if there is moisture penetrating the basement, chances are this water will make its way to your valuables. For example, if left unchecked, the humidity in your home will increase. This increased humidity will then pose the risk of damage to wooden furniture items, upholstery, carpeting and more.

Basement waterproofing guards against the growth of microorganisms

Damage to your structure and property are not the only risks posed to you by having an unfinished basement. Microorganisms such as mould and mildew will thrive in spaces that are dark and humid. Thus, if you have water ingress in your basement, it would only be a matter of time before mould spores permeate your entire household.