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DIYer's Guide to Replacing Pontoon Boat Seats

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If your pontoon boat seats have seen better days and you would like to update their look, you can reupholster the furniture. But if the seats are overly worn, replacing them would be a more practical and economical option. Replacing pontoon boat seats is a straightforward job that any able bodied and dexterous boat owner can perform. If you think that this would be an ideal DIY project for you to perform during the boating offseason, you should read on to acquaint yourself with the crucial steps you will need to follow.

Here's a useful guide on how you can replace pontoon boat seats. 

Inspect the old seats

Before removing any of the old seats from your pontoon boat, first take time to carefully inspect the furniture so as to determine if there's anything salvageable. If the seats are wooden-framed, for example, inspect the visible parts of the framing, especially around the bottom edges of the seats, to establish the general condition of the wood. If the wood is still in fine shape, it will need to be meticulously removed so it can be reused or recycled. If the material is severely damaged by rot, then there will be no need to have it removed in a careful and meticulous manner. 

Tear down the old seats

Once you're done inspecting the seats, you will need to gather the right tools for the tear down process. The tools you will need to have in your toolbox depend upon the type of seating and the method of securement onto the flooring of the boat. Generally speaking, you should be armed with a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench to help unscrew or unfasten the seats. Do not leave the screws or fasteners on the floors where they can easily get lost. Place them in a container instead. Carry the seats outside the boat. If the seats are too heavy for you to carry solo, you can always ask a friend or family member to give you a helping hand. 

Install the new seats

Out with the old and in with the new. Carry the new seats inside the boat and install them using the old hardware you put away in a container. If the seats fit well, you can go ahead and dispose of your old ones at a waste recycling facility. To avoid the disappointment of purchasing replacement seats that won't fit properly, be sure to first take accurate measurements of your old seats or your pontoon boat, depending on whether you want similar-sized or different-sized replacements.